Mumei Katana (Tegai)

Japanese master

Mumei Katana (Tegai)

Late Kamakura period ~ Early Nanbokucho period


Length 71.3cm, Bent 1.5cm, Gen-width 2.85cm, Tip-width 1.78cm, Spearhead 2.85cm, Stem length 19.9cm, Almost no bow on stem.
Shape: Shinogi-zukuri, hermitage, wide ridges with slightly high Shinogi, shallow warp, and tight middle spearhead.
Forged with itame (grain with flowing skin) and large surface, and the ground is well boiled.
The blade is thin and straight with shallow leaning, with a few small foot, and is generally well boiled, with fraying at the edge of the blade. The cap is burned on both the front and back. The stem is polished to a high shine, the tip is cut, the file is cut, and there are two holes for nails.

This sword is unmarked with a large polished surface, but is considered to be hand-scraped.
The blade is slightly wide with a slightly high Shinogi-line, and has a slightly itame texture mixed with a nagare-zukuri skin. The edge of the straight blade is frayed, and the cap is also burnished.

This important katana has been awarded the Juyo Token issued by NBTHK (Nihon Bijutsu Touken Hozon Kyokai).

Private collection, Japan
Private collection, Zürich, Switzerland

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