Art publications

“Art Rules”, exhibition’s catalogue, Tallinn, 2015 (English)

Set of albums of Nicholas Roerich’s oeuvre in 2 volumes. Vol. 1 and 2 (English/Russian)

Vol.1 ISBN 978-5-89850-093-1 and Vol. 2 ISBN 978-5-89850-093-1 The first volume is subdivided into chapters according to subject areas, and is richly illustrated (735 plates). These are the works from the largest museums of Russia, the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York, and museum and private collections of India and the USA. The second volume presents the painter’s works from museums and private collections of the world, and contains 555 plates. The details of the paintings are given according to the author’s lists, museum records, official letters and the results of examination by experts received from private collectors.

“Old masters” (“Старые мастера Живопись XVI-XVIII веков. Лучшее из частных собраний. Том 1”), Вадим Садков, Москва-Цюрих, 2013 (Russian)

Kunstberatung Zurich Old masters catalogue