Katana in Koshirae, Sakakura Gonnoshin Terukane

Sakakura Gonnoshin TERUKANE


Katana in Koshirae

Middle Edo period, 1682


Sakakura Gonnoshin Terukane
Tenna 2 nen □ gatsu hi (1682)

Blade length(Cutting edge): 65.9cm
Curve (SORI): 1.5cm
Width at the hamachi(Moto-Haba): 3.18cm
Thickness at the Moto-Kasane: 0.66cm
Wide at the Kissaki(Saki-Haba): 2.40cm
Thickness at the Saki-Kasane: 0.55cm
Length of Koshirae : approximately 97cm
Sword tang(Nakago): 3 hole.

Shape(Taihai): Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune, Chu-Kissaki (Medium Kissaki)
Jigane(Hada): Mokume-Hada with Jinie
Temper patterns(Hamon): Toran-Midare, O-gunome
Temper patterns in the point(Bohshi): Turn back Komaru

Sakakura Gonnoshin Terukane is said to have originally been a swordsmith of the Mino Terukado school. He went up to Osaka and became an apprentice with Echigo-no-Kami Kanesada (1st), also a very famous swordsmith, and he was later adopted as a son by his master.

He succeeded his master’s name after his master dead because his master’s biological child, Iwamatsu, was too young. When Iwamatsu came of age, he handed the name down to Iwamatsu, and he changed his name to Sakakura Gonnoshin Terukane around 1680 (Enpo 8).

He excelled at Toran-ba, or the intermediate Hamon which is O-gunome with Yahazu like Hamon. He is a representative swordsmith of Osaka Shinto.

This sword shows a wide shape, curved well, and a very beautiful shape. Jigane is fine Mokume-Hada with Jinie. Hamon shows deep Nioi and gorgeous Toran-ba, has Ashi and Sunagashi, and is a very bright and clear Hamon. Boshi is sophisticatedly Komaru. The signature on the Nakago is engraved deep and clear. Its state of preservation is good. The Aogai-Kawari-Nuri-Saya-Uchigatana-Koshirae is also elegant, spectacular, and suited for display. This sword displays Sakakura Gonnoshin Terukane’s skill to the fullest, one of his masterpieces, with excellent Koshirae.


Paper (Certificate): N.B.T.H.K. Tokubetsu Hozon Token
Country(Kuni) / Era(Jidai): 摂津国,大阪府(Settu, present-day Osaka) 江戸時代中期 天和二年(Middle Edo period, 1682)

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