Our museum & partner network


Artcentre is one of the leading private museums. Established in 2015, Artcentre exhibits the masterpieces of private collections including Russian art, European Old masters and Avant-Garde. Artcentre develops the holographic projection technology. In 2018 Artcentre presented “Concert №1 for Hologram and Orchestra”, the first large-scale show in which the high art of ballet, modern technology, and a live symphonic orchestra are combined.

In 2019-2020 Kunstberatung Zurich AG became a main partner of Arcentre for the exhibitions “Unknown masterpieces: Italian paintings from the 14th to the 17th century from private collections” and “Old masters: image and symbol. Paintings from the 15 to the 17th century from private collections”. Some of museum loans of Kunstberatung Zurich are displayed there.

Art Priori

Art Priori is one the most elegant restaurants in Estonia. In Art Priori high-level art is elegantly combined with excellent food. The restaurant’s interior is designed following special creative projects in the spirit of Gothic architecture, characteristic of Tallinn. Ideas from the old world are connected with the present in a modern way. Art Priori has three separate dining halls, in each of them high value original art is exhibited. Paintings from previous centuries till the present time offer intellectual and aesthetic experiences. Art Priori’s art gallery naturally makes a connection with refined and delicious food created in our kitchen.

ArtLife projekt

ArtLife Projekt is Estonian-based company dedicated to implementing high level international art projects. A unique exhibition “Art Rules” became one of the most important project of the company. At the exhibition original artworks by world-famous artists, such as Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter and Jan Brueghel, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, David Teniers, Jakob van Hulsdonck, Jacob Savery, Jan Massys and many others were exhibited at the Tallinn Town Hall. The works were from private collections all over the world. It was the first time for art from the period – more than 80 major works – to be presented in Estonia at this level and in this quantity.

The exhibition Art Rules invoked the points of contact between creativity and power. Tallinn Town Hall, a symbol of both the power and spirit of the medieval city is a meaningful venue for displaying the works of old masters. The artistic assets of the Town Hall reflect the ideals and convictions of the time, also contained in the works which were going to be displayed at the exhibition.