A Boy’s Tachi, Japanese Master

Japanese master

A Boy's Tachi

Edo Period (1603 until 1868)



A fine and rare weapon, probably with a venerable blade that is worth restoring, belonging to a boy from a wealthy family of the Japanese sword nobility, Buke.

The blade is firmly connected to the tsuka (L / Nagasa 51 cm) in Shinogi-zukuri with Iori-Mune, Ko-kissaki and increased corrosion in the area of ​​the Monouchi. Hamon in Hoso-suguha, Ji-hada (where to recognize) dense Ko-itame. Tsuka and Tsuba made of finely engraved and gold-plated non-ferrous metal. Saya painted in Kin-Nashiji-hada (“gold pear skin”) with depictions of the Hô bird. L 75cm.


Private collection, Japan
Private collection, Zürich

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