Shinshinto Wakizashi in Koshirae, Japanese Master

Japanese master

Shinshinto Wakizashi in Koshirae


This Wakizashi measures 37.3 cm in blade length (Nagasa) and is crafted in the Nagamaki style, a spear-like shape. The blade, likely from the Shin-shinto period, is in need of polishing.

The tang (Nakago) features two mekugi holes (Mekugi-Ana) and is unsigned (Mumei).

The koshirae of this wakizashi includes a handle (Tsuka) wrapped in green silk over rayskin (Samegawa) on wood. The menuki are crafted in shakudo, depicting a bird with spread wings. The tsuba is made of iron with a raised edge, featuring a silver flower and a branch with gold leaves. The fuchi-kashira is shakudo, adorned with a flying bird. The habaki is silver, and the kozuka is shakudo with a landscape motif in medallion form. The scabbard (Saya) is black lacquer with thick grooves and a swastika motif on a rough background, with a shakudo kojiri featuring a moon.

The origins of this wakizashi trace back to a Galerie Koller auction in December 1997. It was previously part of the Albert Polster collection.

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