Shinshinto Ko-Wakizashi in Koshirae, Japanese Master

Japanese master

Shinshinto Ko-Wakizashi in Koshirae


This Japanese ko-wakizashi features a blade length (nagasa) of 40 cm with a shinogi-tsukuri shape and an iori-mune back. The blade dates to the Shinto or Shinshinto period and is in moderate condition.

The tang (nakago) is rusty, with file marks (yasurime) not visible. There are two mekugi-ana (peg holes), and the blade is unsigned (mumei).

The handle (tsuka) is made of polished wood without any wrapping (tsuko-ito). The menuki feature a kabuto (helmet) in shakudo and gold on one side and arm armor on the other. The kozuka is made of shakudo nanako.

This ko-wakizashi has an elegant design with a moderate condition blade, showcasing detailed koshirae. It was part of the Koller Auktion in June 1993 and previously belonged to the Albert Polster collection.

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